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May '17

Thanks for a great Eastern Partnership Media Conference conference in Finland!

See slides from Freja Wedenborgs workshop above and download handout with contacs and resources in English here.



You can also find links to most of the tools we recommend and to resources in English here:

Feel free to contact us with any other questions or suggestions!


Every time you use your computer or your phone, communicate or search for information online, you are surveilled. It happens to all of us, every day.


For journalists, that means dramatical changes in our working conditions and poses a serious challenge to our obligation to protect our sources. Yet, only few people know how to protect themselves, their contacts and their data.


Cryptoguide for journalists changes that situation.


The book guides its readers step by step through 20 simple and free encryption tools, while providing basic knowledge about security awareness and handling of sensitive material.


The Cryptoguide is relevant not only for journalists but also for lawyers, doctors and other professionals who need to communicate confidentially - and for everyone else who wants to protect their right to communicate and seek information online without fear of digital surveillance.


The book is supplemented by a website and a number of training packages where participants can learn to how to be security-conscious in their digital communication and get hands-on help to install the book’s tools on laptops and smartphones.


Cryptoguide for journalists was published by the publishing house AJOUR at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in October 2015.

You can download an infosheet with a table of content in English here.

About the author: Freja Wedenborg is a Danish journalist and guest lecturer in digital source protection at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and The University of Southern Denmark.

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